At Cookie Cuts, we offer both in person and online training and nutrition plans. We train out of multiple locations in the Nashville area. We also have our own equipment and can come to you! Our main focus is  general weight loss and strength and conditioning, but we're certified boxing and contest prep coaches. Our job is to educate, motivate, and keep you consistent. All you have to do is show up and put in the work!


Online Training and Nutrition

 Online training definitely seems to be taking over the fitness industry. It is an amazingly convenient and cost effective way to achieve your goals.  We completely understand that not everyone can afford the cost of a personal trainer. We couldn't haha! But, with online training and nutrition, you get all of the benefits of having a personal trainer and nutritionist at a much lower cost. At Cookie Cuts, we don't use an app or "cookie cutter" plans. We spend time speaking to and getting to know every single online client so that you can make this your permanent lifestyle. Every plan is personally customized for YOU!



At Cookie Cuts, we also offer personalized nutrition plans and nutritional coaching. No one is capable of changing their body without also changing their diet. We use scientifically proven methods to help you get the body you want in the most efficient way possible. Everyones body is different and requires a different amount of calories to burn fat and gain muscle. Thats why your average "cookie cutter" plans don't work for most people. Then once you've achieved the results you want, we help teach you how to reverse out of your calorie deficit and maintain the weight you've lost. losing weight isn't nearly as difficult as keeping it off. If you're tired of "fad" diets and not seeing the results you want we're here to help!  

What we offer:

  • No Check-ins - One week plan

  • Monthly Plan- Get weekly check-ins & adjust the diet based on your goals and results.  With the monthly plan you have 24/7 text or email access to Cookie. We offer a special deal for a 3+month package!

  • Partnered with Build Your Temple! All Cookie Cuts Clients get a discount on their meal prep service!