At Cookie Cuts, we offer both in person and online training and nutrition plans. We train out of multiple locations in the Nashville area and in Franklin at Franklin Strength. We also have our own equipment and can come to you! Our main focus is  general weight loss and strength and conditioning, but we're certified boxing coaches and contest prep instructors. Our job is to educate, motivate, and keep you consistent. All you have to do is show up and put in the work!




We offer personalized training plans based on your goals, available equipment, and what you enjoy doing. You have to have fun and enjoy it! We don't want any of our clients leaving the gym feelings bored or unaccomplished. Exhausted and pumped up sure!



At Cookie Cuts, we also offer personalized nutrition plans. These are based on a number of different factors such as bodyweight, height, goals etc. The biggest thing that people don't realize about personalized nutrition plans, is that is always starts off as a guessing game because everyones metabolisms are completely different.

What we offer:

  • No Check-ins - One week plan

  • Monthly Plan- Get weekly check-ins & adjust the diet based on your goals and results.  With the monthly plan you have 24/7 text or email access to Cookie

  • Partnered with Build Your Temple! All Cookie Cuts Clients get a discount on their meal prep service!